Exterior Refurbishment of Halifax  Nova Scotia

Exterior Refurbishment works 

Our expertise also includes residential and commercial outdoor refurbishment services. Here is an overview of the  

Here is an overview of the services offered:

Work Related To The Roof

Over time, it is important to inspect the condition of the roof to ensure it is still watertight and does not show signs of deterioration that could lead to water ingress or premature wear. of your roof.

The new roof has an average life of 20 years (depending on the quality of the coating that was originally laid). It can be ensured that it is maintained or maximized by performing routine checks and doing minor work when signs of aging appear.

Whether for shingle replacement, slope correction, flashing replacement (skylights), installation of soffits, new gutters, improved roof insulation, etc., we can solve any type of problem related to a faulty roof.

In other cases, complete roof refurbishment should be considered. Replacement of plywood panels may be required if the inspection indicates damaged or rotten panels.

Before undertaking the refurbishment of the roof, several features must be taken into account to ensure that the work is carried out in the state of the art. Thus, the type of framework, the presence of roof, additional features such as a fireplace, a skylight, etc. should be considered before the start of work.

The choice of materials will depend on the type of roof (sloped or flat). Rebuilding could be done in asphalt shingles, galvanized sheet metal, pellet shingles, slate, etc. In addition, the installation of a self-adhesive membrane will ensure the external flow and will guarantee an optimal lifetime for your roof refurbishment project.

This is a worthwhile investment since refurbishment your roof will help increase the market value of your property.

Our team is empowered to conduct an inspection and offer you the ideal solution for your property, whether it is a commercial or residential building.

Note that our work is carried out with the concern of protecting your environment and with the assurance of leaving the premises clean after the end of the work.

Laying Of Exterior Cladding

In addition to brick or stone, we also perform exterior cladding work. We are experienced in laying vinyl, aluminum siding and canexel sipes.

This is very popular work that enhances the overall condition and aesthetics of your property. Whether in a new construction or to revamp the exterior of your property, we are available to perform this work at your convenience.

Balconies, Ramps And Stairs

Our team can refurbishment or restore existing facilities. In addition to its solidity and the safety aspect to observe during such work, do not neglect its aesthetic appearance in connection with the style of your property.

The facade of your property says a lot about your building. A property whose balconies, ramps and stairs are in good condition indicates that it is well maintained which enhances its appearance and increases its market value.

Would you like to refurbishment or replace some exterior elements? Ask our services.

There is a wide range of materials and models on balconies, ramps and stairs. You'll be spoiled for choice: concrete, wood, aluminum, composite, fiberglass, glass panel (ramps), etc.

It is a project that can give style, a more contemporary, contemporary or highlight a characteristic of the building (heritage).

Whatever the desired project, our team can help you achieve it.

Terrace And Patios

The terraces are popular! Whether in the front or back of the house, you will enjoy designing a new common area combining practicality and aesthetics to your yard.

In front, we will be tempted to consider the paving stone. Very versatile and resistant, it has the advantage of adding an element of aesthetics to any property.

Just as popular, the natural stone terrace will look noble but remains more fragile in the long run.

Their installation requires know-how, hence the importance of using an experienced team.

Energy Efficiency (Insulation) 

A significant investment, offering a "return on investment", is the evaluation of the energy efficiency of its property.

Does your property consume more energy than another property comparable to yours? Did you know that Hydro Qc offers individuals an analysis of your annual consumption (residential) and a comparison allowing you to evaluate the cost of energy? All for free. Solutions will also be proposed to improve energy consumption and reduce your electricity costs.

Along with this analysis, you might consider improving the insulation of your property and significantly reducing your costs. Indeed, Hydro Qc estimates that air and ventilation leaks can account for 25% of heat loss in a home.

It is therefore worthwhile to improve the insulation of the property not only to reduce heating costs but also to improve comfort.

We can help you improve the performance of your existing insulation and reduce your costs accordingly.

It should be noted that there are government programs *, depending on the taxation year, that could allow you to obtain a tax credit following the completion of this work carried out by professionals holding a RBQ license, such as Tit-renovation.

* find out about an eco-energy program offering a tax credit such as RénoVert (Revenu Québec) to reduce your investment costs.

Work After Disaster

Post-disaster reconstruction requires some expertise because the location must first be secure to avoid additional incidents.

Our team can take care of the reconstruction or the renovation of the places after disaster. This type of intervention requires diligent assiduity and support to avoid further damage to the site (eg mold).

Due to the urgency of this type of work, it is important to have a reliable team with significant experience in this type of situation.

Being a holder of a RBQ certification, you can count on us. You make sure you have a qualified team with the knowledge of building standards.


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